James Carbary

James is the founder of Sweet Fish Media (a 2x Inc. 5000 B2B podcasting agency) & Young Married Christian (a media company on a mission to end the foster care crisis).If you don't recognize James' name, it's because he's more commonly known as "Lisa's husband."Not only is Lisa the most thoughtful & creative human on planet Earth...she also trains dolphins at Disney World. So good luck getting ANYONE to care about what you do for a living when you're standing next to her. 😂When James isn't eating a bag of Red Vines or responding to Instagram DMs about how cute JJ (his son) is...he's probably at lunch with Timmy or Blake, talking about the next business he wants to build.If you ever see him wearing anything but flip flops, gym shorts, and a baseball hat...call the CIA. An alien has clearly taken over his body.He loves Jesus. He's borderline obsessed with GaryVee. And he walks out of restaurants that serve Pepsi.

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